Turn Reading into Listening with the Magic of AI

AudoDocs reshapes written content into text that is more natural to how a human would speak, creating a more engaging listening experience. Break free from your screen and consume digital content by listening instead of reading!


AudoDocs vs Other Text-to-Speech Readers

Written words are designed for the eyes, not the ears. While other text-to-speech products merely read the text out loud, AudoDocs first refines the text to resemble human speech. The result? A natural, engaging listening experience. Listen to the difference!

The Original Text Read by Traditional Text-To-Speech Reader

Agent System Overview

In a LLM-powered autonomous agent system, LLM functions as the agent’s brain, complemented by several key components.

Planning: The agent breaks down large tasks into smaller, manageable subgoals, enabling efficient handling of complex tasks.

Memory: I would consider all the in-context learning (See Prompt Engineering) as utilizing short-term memory of the model to learn.

Tool use: The agent learns to call external APIs for extra information that is missing from the model weights (often hard to change after pre-training), including current information, code execution capability, access to proprietary information sources and more.

AudoDocs Refined Text to Resemble Natural Human Speech

Let's talk about the Agent System Overview. Large Language Models or LLMs, acts like the brain of an autonomous agent. This system is made up of several key parts.

First up, we have Planning. Here's how it works: the agent takes big tasks and breaks them down into smaller, more manageable goals. This makes it easier to handle complex tasks.

Next, we have Memory. Think of this as the agent using its short-term memory to learn from what's happening around it. This is also known as in-context learning.

Finally, we have Tool use. This is where the agent learns to use external sources, or APIs, to get extra information that it doesn't already have from pre-training. This could be anything from current information, the ability to execute code, or even access to exclusive information sources and more.

Say Hello to Your Readers!

Leveraging the latest in Speech Synthesis Technology, we've crafted voices that are as natural and comforting as a chat with a good friend.


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Variety of Listening Styles

Swift Summaries

Pressed for time or just looking for the gist? Listen to summaries to get a quick rundown before you dive into the full content. It's like a trailer for your text!

Human Speech

Discover the heart of AudoDocs. We leverage the power of AI to transform the written text into text that is more natural to how a human would speak, creating a more engaging listening experience.


Love the author's unique style? With Verbatim, you can appreciate the author's craft while enjoying hands-free content.

Supported Documents


From blog posts to news articles to technical posts, AudoDocs turns reading into listening. That blog post you've been meaning to read? Now you can catch up while whipping up dinner.

PDFs (Coming Soon)

Who wants to listen to a PDF, right? That's where AudoDocs comes in. Transform PDFs into engaging speech, so you can carry on without falling asleep!

Other Forms of Documents (Coming soon)

At AudoDocs, we're all about maximizing convenience. That's why we're working on extending our magic to all forms of written text. Stay tuned for more!

What Early Customers Say About Us!

5 / 5

I used to struggle with the amount of reading I had to do every day. But with AudoDocs, I can turn dense text into easy-to-understand audio. It's like having a personal reader who makes studying efficient and enjoyable.

Tin - @wassuptin
5 / 5

Being constantly on the move, I found it hard to keep up with my reading. AudoDocs has been a lifesaver. Now, I can catch up on my reading while commuting. It's not just a text-to-speech reader, it's like listening to a well-narrated podcast.

Ernest - @ernestkou
5 / 5

AudoDocs has transformed the way I consume written content. It's not just reading out loud, it's like having a conversation. The natural speech makes even the densest material easy to digest.

Khanh - @web3bear

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